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Happy clients share their stories - read all about it  

"When we moved into our new home, I was overwhelmed. I hired Mary to unpack and set up the kitchen and utility/laundry rooms. She had our kitchen beautifully organized, enabling us to have family over for dinner the next day. I couldn't have done it without her. Her kind and calm demeanor put everyone at ease during a very hectic time!"


-Debbie Elowson, Hillsborough, CA.

“"Mary has that special touch and knows how to organize and fit all my stuff in a small space. She worked wonders with my college apartments. She truely loves what she does and it shows by her amazing talents!". 



-J. Paul Lee,   San Francisco, CA.

" ClutterFree Concepts was an invaluable service during our relocation. They organized and set -up both our residence and my home office, allowing me to work uninterrupted throughout the transition. Mary organized and coordinated the packers and movers. She calmly handled unexpected details that popped up, leaving me free to concentrate on operating my business. I highly recommend ClutterFree Concepts and Mary." 


-Nikki Chicotel  Half Moon Bay, CA

HELP, I’m moving from a large home to my new condo. And help is what I got when hiring Mary with ClutterFree Concepts, who was highly recommended by a friend. Mary helped me downside into my new condo with such ease. I would never consider moving without using ClutterFree Concepts again. I’m so pleased with my decision to hire Mary.


Mary was not only a joy to work with, she made our days together fun and the work effortless. After Mary left it was easy to keep the organization flowing. I actually enjoyed putting my dishes away the next day having so much more space and logical placement.

She helped me purge items from my closets that I haven’t looked back to regret.  She worked so naturally, freeing up space in my kitchen, and closets. I didn’t realize I was wasting so much space. She gave me the capability to follow her structured sense of order. It all came effortlessly to me.  I love my new place even more after Mary completed her work.  I highly recommend Mary from ClutterFree Concepts to anyone needing a home organizer. I even gave a gift certificate of Mary’s work to my just married, daughter as a shower gift.  She can’t wait to use her. 

Karla House, San Francisco, CA. 

My house was in serious need for some space management and decluttering. Mary has a unique ability to visualize organization and put it into practice. My previously cluttered closets now have excess space; my laundry room is now organized and functional; my pantry has no lost or hidden food items and I can actually find the sugar and cereal; and I now have a usable desk that was once hidden under papers and other office items. Thank you, Mary. Your skills are inspirational and have completely rejuvenated my home. Your work is truly amazing!

“I’ve worked with several organizers over the years and Mary is definitely at the top of my list! Mary has a wonderful combination of organizing expertise and intuition, coupled with a strong ability to really listen to what is important to her clients and how they like to work. She was not only able to quickly tame the chaos around our home, but also to create custom systems that have made a huge difference on an ongoing basis! I can’t recommend Mary highly enough!” 


-Eric Tilenius, Hillsborough, CA.